Clean & Safe

Ambassador Clean:

Also known as our “Dust and Broom” service, the Yellow-Jacket Ambassadors clean the district and fee-for-service areas to remove organic and inorganic debris to help clean and improve the quality of life in the district and the City of Camden.

Ambassador Landscaping:

Specially trained and experienced CSSD Ambassadors are ready to assist you with your landscaping needs. Services include mowing, weed whacking, leaf removal, and more!

Pressure Washing:

Our experienced Yellow-Jacket Ambassadors utilize our industrial-strength power washing equipment to remove any unwanted gunk, gum, or other debris.

Graffiti Removal:

Our Yellow-Jacket Ambassadors work hard to identify and address graffiti throughout the district. Graffiti removal is addressed through repainting and pressure-washing techniques.

Curb Line Painting:

Enhancing the district’s physical appearance starts with a fresh coat of paint. CSSD Ambassadors are regularly deployed to repaint curb lines and other public amenities to enhance the district’s overall look.

Hospitality Assist:

Easily spotted in their bright-yellow uniforms, the Yellow-Jacket Ambassadors provide a reassuring presence to the public, and aid with directions, up-to-date event news, and requests for information about the city.


The CSSD Ambassadors are equipped and trained the wipe down and disinfect any high-touch areas as needed. This includes but is not limited to benches, light poles, crosswalk buttons, etc.

Incident Reporting:

Street signs fall, and illegal dumping happens, the CSSD Ambassadors are often the first to report it to the responsible party to be properly addressed.

Enhanced Landscaping

Urban Canopy:

The CSSD recognizes the importance and value of a healthy and sustainable urban tree canopy. That is why the CSSD, with the help of an external tree contractor, will perform important tree services such as pruning; dead wood, removal of dead trees, and the planting of new trees.

Landscape Management:

The CSSD team is ready to help you improve or manage your outdoor landscaping needs. The CSSD partners with experienced and trusted landscaping contractors to provide clients with enhanced landscaping services.

CBID Landscaping:

The CSSD team manages an array of public- space landscaping across the Camden Business Improvement District (CBID). Landscaping is completed by Ambassadors and landscaping contractors.

Event Services


Buzz, the CSSD official “Yellow-Jacket” mascot is a community favorite. Interested in having Buzz at your event? Reach out to the CSSD.

Pre and Post Cleanup:

Whether it’s before or after an event, CSSD Ambassadors can effectively and efficiently clean any public or private space to ensure your event operates as smoothly as possible.

Flagger Services:

CSSD Ambassadors are prepared and experienced to help direct vehicles and pedestrians into and out of any event to ensure maximum safety and efficiency.

Informational Ambassador:

Need help conveying information to your guests? CSSD Ambassadors are ready to make announcements or share literature for your next event.

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