About Our Organization

What Is CSSD?

The Camden Special Services District (CSSD), a 501 (c)3, has been providing enhanced Clean and Safe services to the City of Camden since 2005. Services are provided across downtown, waterfront, gateway, and in several parks, neighborhoods, and high traffic corridors.

Public space management activities include removing trash and debris from streets and sidewalks, emptying 800 + trash cans daily, removing graffiti and unwanted signage, and trimming/weeding tree wells, curb lines, and sidewalks. Our Ambassadors deliver reliable hospitality, creating and maintaining friendly and inviting public spaces where people feel welcome and comfortable. Visitors, employees, businesses, and residents recognize, appreciate, and rely on the exceptional stewardship of our Ambassadors. All CSSD Ambassadors and Supervisors are Camden City residents.

What Is Our Mission?

Our vision is to serve as a catalyst for improved experiences in the City of Camden.

Our mission is to support prosperous downtown and waterfront commercial centers, livable neighborhoods, and vibrant urban places.

CSSD strives to achieve its mission through numerous avenues including:

  • Providing Cleaning, Landscaping and Hospitality Ambassador Services;
  • Fostering a fun and vibrant atmosphere through support of special events, park programming and general animation in the Downtown and waterfront areas;
  • Working to bridge the gap between municipal entities, local businesses, anchor institutions and attractions into a cooperative and successful Downtown, Waterfront and City.

Our Goals

Goal #1
Implement and manage a Business Improvement District to support growth of a vital, healthy, thriving district for everyone - residents, businesses, employers, employees, students, and visitors.

  • To be a reliable partner to all represented within the CBID, by working together to honor the community’s traditions and maintain and support community values.
  • To develop Public/Private collaboration that encourages investment, interest, ideas, increased foot traffic and activity to local businesses, educational and health facilities, local attractions, public events, and support neighborhood growth.
  • To encourage public input, through meetings and surveys, to help identify targeted initiatives.
  • To continue to hire local residents to work on the Yellow Jacket Ambassador team, pay a fair hourly rate with benefits and increase staffing.
  • Goal #2
    Provide dedicated and enhanced CBID on-the-street activities to create a more welcoming district.

  • To provide enhanced cleaning, landscaping, and hospitality assists.
  • To increase staffing and maintain services seven days a week.
  • To clean streets and sidewalks in neighborhoods within the CBID catchment area.
  • To be accountable, produce and measure results.
  • Goal #3
    Administer the District Management Corporation.

  • To fairly represent the various stakeholders in the CBID.
  • To work with a Board of Directors that represents the district.
  • Participate in neighborhood community meetings to establish and maintain cooperation, understanding, collaboration.
  • To manage the district to be inclusive of all interests and represent the downtown as identified on the property map.
  • To maintain a balanced budget.
  • Goal #4
    Promote and support the various communities through new marketing and branding/identity efforts to drive customers, visitors, residents, employees into local businesses and attractions and support community and neighborhood initiatives.

  • To utilize local sourcing when available, appropriate and economically responsible.
  • To develop digital and print marketing materials to promote the district.
  • To disseminate district news to the community via on-going communication with community groups, neighborhood associations, religious institutions, business groups.